By using prefabricated structural panels and polyurethane insulation, a space where the customer can conserve or freeze the goods is prepared. These chambers are equipped with high performance cooling units installed in the chamber itself, with operating temperatures of –20˚C to +8˚C. Its excellent sealing and high insulation capacity maintain the desired temperature and ensure optimum conservation or freezing of the product.


The conservation / freezing chambers can be used for:

  • Laboratory
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat products
  • Frozen food
  • Fish
  • Flowers



These chambers are also equipped with the deep freezing system.  Following the same construction guidelines, prefabricated structural panels with thicker insulation are prepared.  Using liquid nitrogen as coolant, it is channeled through stainless steel tubes and spread uniformly by fans, thus reaching all points of the chamber and the product.   With liquid nitrogen, temperatures of up to –196˚C are achieved at high speeds, leading to continuous and complete freezing in a few minutes without damaging the structure of the product and maintaining all of its properties.


The deep freezing chambers can be used for:

  • Meat industry
  • Fish industry


Commercial cold

A wide range of horizontal and vertical freezing chests with operating temperatures of  –30˚C and – 40˚C are available