The cryogenic deflashing machines have been especially designed for finishing rubber and thermoplastic parts with reduced dimensions, and for production processes that require small runs. There are multiple pump capacities for deflashing the parts since we have units with different capacities.

As a result of the cooling output of the liquid nitrogen (LIN), temperatures of up to               –196˚C are achieved, leading to continuous and complete freezing in a few minutes.  

With these units there is a significant decrease in labour and time, guaranteeing a high quality finish with reduced costs. The cryogenic deflashing machines are designed completely of stainless steel, with durable and compact construction that requires minimum space for its location.

Cryogenic Deflashing Machines

Electrical connection: According to model
Electrical output: Max. 8 kW.
Operating temperature: -130 ºC
Coolant: LIN, -196 ºC
Coolant connection: 1/2” BSP
Operation: Pneumatic
Operating pressure: 5-6 bar
Pneumatic feed: 6-9 bar
Insulation: 100 mm polyurethane foam free of CFC’s
Finish: Completely stainless steel

Rubber and plastic

We have a large stock of granulate available for burring rubber and thermoplastic parts. Due to the great storage and ease of replacement of the merchandise, it can be provided with maximum speed and at very competitive prices.


Rubber and plastic

The automatic washing machine has been especially designed for cleaning plastic and rubber parts prior to final packaging. As a result of the production processes, the parts contain residues of powder, grease, etc. This unit guarantees a full washing cycle and drying, resulting in a perfect part for the final packaging.